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You can try it for Free! Just download a copy from the Downloads page.
Time Location Plus can be used for up to 30 days before you need a licence. That's a fully functioning version not a cut down demo.

When you are satisfied, Time Location Plus can now be purchased and licensed securely online.
Payment can be made with a credit card or with a Paypal payment.

The price of a new version 3 licence is £250 gbp
Upgrading of a version 2 to a version 3 licence is free and automatic on running v3.
The price of an upgrade of a version 1 to a version 3 licence is £50 gbp
Transferring a licence between computers remains free.

To Purchase

Click on this Buy Now button to buy up to 4 licences for Time Location Plus    

Number Of Licences

On receipt of payment we will email you the licence number(s) that can be used to generate a unique licence on a single computer. By default the licence number will be emailed to your paypal email. Should you wish the licence number emailed to another address please leave a message to this effect, along with the email you wish the licence number sent to, in the message section at the time of payment.

Please contact Naylor Computing to buy an upgrade copy of Time Location Plus

Multiple copies and discounts

For more copies either click again to purchase more or email sales @

Discounts are available for 10 or more copies, please email sales @ with your specific requirements to obtain a quote.

Important notes about online commerce:

All credit card information and personal information is dealt with via our payment provider PayPal. All credit card and personal information is entered via their website and is fully encrypted. Naylor Computing does not receive any of your personal details from PayPal except your email address.

You should always confirm you have entered your email address correctly as we email your serial number and order information to this email address.

You should always confirm our emails are not in your spam filter before contacting us about a missing order. We do not send spam to your email address.

Time Location Plus is provided on a try before you buy basis, therefore we can not accept returns of downloadable software. (except where required by law).

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