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Q1        Is VAT included in the cost of a licence?
A1        Naylor computing is not registered for VAT. Therefore no VAT is charged on the cost of a licence and no VAT receipt can be issued.

Q2        Is there an annual maintenance agreement or charge?
There is no annual maintenance agreement. A Time Location Plus Licence is bought outright and there is no on-going requirement for further payments or additional costs.

Q3        Will there be future upgrades and if so is there an additional cost for any upgrade?
Naylor Computings policy is one of continual improvement. Upgrades when available can be downloaded from http://www.naylorcomputing.co.uk/. Minor upgrades are available free of charge to existing licence holders. If a significant major upgrade is ever made to the product then the upgrade will be made available to existing licence holders at a nominal charge.

Q4        Is support available for Time Location Plus?
Time Location Plus is sold on a Try Before You Buy basis and therefore no formal support is offered or guaranteed. But we aim to be helpful and if you are having a problem or have a suggestion, send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible and do our best to help. This applies both to fully licensed copies and to the demonstration version.

Q5        Can I copy the licence to another computer?
       The licence once installed is unique to a single computer. It therefore cannot be copied to another computer and still function. But a licence can be uninstalled from a computer, it then becomes available for installation by the registered user on another machine. To do this use the uninstall licence option in the software and follow the instructions. There is no charge by Naylor Computing for transferring a licence.

Q6        Who will the licence be registered to?
       By default the licence is registered to the email used when installing the licence and it is to this email address that notifications of any upgrades are sent. If it is wished to licence the product to another email address or company, please inform us of this at the time of installation and we will amend our records to suit.

Q7        Is there a 64bit version of Time Location Plus?
       Not at this time as the current version works on the present generation of  64bit computers.

Q8        What operating system is required for Time Location Plus?
       Time location plus only works on the Windows platform, it requires Windows XP or later (Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8)

Q9        Is there any risk to my Project Data by interfacing with Time Location Plus?
       There is no risk to any project data. Time Location Plus works on a read only basis when extracting data from planning packages or files and no data within the planning package is modified in any way.

Q10        As you do not guarantee support, how do I know I will always be able to transfer a purchased licence to another computer?
Although offering no formal support, Naylor Computing guarantee to provide a free licence transfer service for as long as Time Location Plus is on sale. If Time Location Plus is withdrawn from sale and/or it is decided to withdraw the free transfer service Naylor Computing will provide all registered users with either an un-protected version of Time Location Plus or free software to enable users to transfer licenses.

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