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What's New in v3.00
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Updated and Improved User Interface

- User interface updated to visually match the users windows profile
- Higher quality pictures and graphics supported
- New "split box" activity type added
- Zoom options added for use when viewing chart
- Option to include descriptions in the main toolbar
- Tab Page split between Heading Titles and Heading Data now adjustable
- Input windows when drawing data on screen improved and moveable
- Search facility added for all data grid columns
- Multi edit option added for all data grid check boxes
- Viewed and printed calendars can be in various languages
- Date picker replaced with the latest Microsoft version

Progress module added

- A totally new module for updating and drawing progress added.

Better planning software support

- Import routines for P6 now supports the web version of P6 r8, importing from P6 xml files as well as .xer files (including direct from zipped files)
- Import from the enterprise server version of Power Project is now possible in addition to the stand alone version (Note: security permission may be required)

Demo limit reset

- Running a demo version of 3.0  is now possible even if an expired demo licence for an earlier version of TLP exists

Support for P3 and PP5 ended

- The ability to import from Primavera P3 and Asta PowerProject 5 has been removed as standard. These are obsolete 16 bit programs now unsupported by their makers. Therefore the decision has been made to no longer ship the import modules for these programs with this and future versions of Time Location Plus.


- Version 3 licence now installed in the users Application Data folder to minimise permission conflicts

Some inevitable bug fix's

- Copy and paste sometimes pasting twice corrected. Better error capture and handling for bad input.
- (Remember, if you don't report any bugs, we can't fix them!)

What was new in v2.10

- The following is a summary of changes introduced in v2.10

Printing improvements

- Multi page printing
- Print to a specific scale
- Titles now wrap to the space available
- Option to print titles top and/or right
- Chart Date now shown
- Option not to print empty fields
- Better information on current paper size

Even more chainage flexibility

- Chainage ranges at the top/bottom of the page can now run high chainage to low chainage, as well as low chainage to high chainage

Better planning software support

- Import routines updated to fully match the latest versions of P6, Asta and Microsoft Project.
- Option in Power Project to use the Notes field for chainages rather than having to create a UDF
- Option to compact project calendars automatically on import
- For progressed activities in P6 the actual start date is now imported.

Better warnings and messages

- Warning messages updated to provide more information and options
- Save settings button moved next to save and warnings given about the difference.
- Log of any picture files not found, rather than individual warnings for each file

Some inevitable bug fix's

- Sort on start or end chainage now works correctly
- Bug causing a crash when importing from CSV files introduced in v2.9 corrected

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